What should be paid attention to when using screws


Perhaps many people think that the method of using scre […]

Perhaps many people think that the method of using screws is so simple, what other things should be paid attention to? It seems that it will be used without teaching. The method used is simple, but the editor here reminds everyone that if we do not pay attention when using it, it will cause problems in the appearance and even quality of the product. These are not trivial things. Let's follow the screw factory editor to understand what matters need to pay attention to when using the screw?
1. The screws must be protected when they are stored. Perhaps many people feel that there is nothing, but if they are not protected, the screws will oxidize, then they will rust, do not put them in a damp place, they will rust The effect of use.
2. It is forbidden to do actions that damage the screws. Although the screws themselves are relatively hard, it is not so simple to damage the screws, but we still need to pay attention. If the screws are damaged, then in the process of use It is easy to slip teeth.
3. The correct use method is very important. Some unskilled operators, if you let him put a screw on a wooden table, it is very easy to be crooked. This is the function of the method. In order to avoid damage to the product, you must use the correct operation method.