Screw factory teaches you how to install combination screws


Screw factory teaches you how to install combination sc […]

Screw factory teaches you how to install combination screws

Combination screws are very common in our lives. Combination screws are used in many places. So do you know how to install combination screws? Let the technicians of the screw factory answer the questions for everyone.

1. Drilling: The screw factory uses the standard drills listed in the table for drilling, the drilling depth is greater than or equal to the installation depth of the combination screw; be careful not to drill the hole into a cone, and do not drop chips. After drilling, the countersink should not exceed the depth of 0.4 pitch, because too large countersink is not conducive to the screw-in of the combination screw.

Screw factory teaches you how to install combination screws

2. Tapping: The screw factory uses special taps for combination screws with specified thread specifications. The length of the tap must exceed the length of the combination screw. For through holes, all taps must be tapped; the accuracy of the tap determines the final standard internal screw hole For the tolerance zone of the user, the user should choose the tapping method and lubrication appropriately, and the blind hole tapping should be properly applied to prevent the tap from breaking. After tapping, the threaded hole should be cleaned, generally blown with a compressed air spray gun, and the blind hole should also be cleaned with a long spray gun with radial holes from bottom to top, or the threaded hole can be cleaned by cleaning. When the accuracy of the threaded hole is high, a special combination screw bottom hole plug gauge should be used for inspection.

3. Installation: Under normal circumstances, the screw factory has holes with 0.25-0.75 turns of empty threads left from the surface. When installing a small amount of combination screws and M14 × 2 or more coarse teeth combination screws, you can use “T” slotted or threaded head simple tools to install, and be careful not to apply a large axial force on the combination screw installation handle to prevent " Buckle ". After the combination screw is installed, in order to check the accuracy grade of the formed standard internal threaded hole, the corresponding level plug gauge can be used for inspection.

4. Handle removal: The screw factory should remove the installation handle after screwing the combination screw with a break groove into the screw hole, and a handle removal tool is required. When the through hole is used, the mounting handle of the combination screw should be broken.Generally, use a punch to align the mounting handle.It can be removed by slamming with a hammer of about 200g. The fine-tooth combination screw can be broken by bending the installation handle with needle-nose pliers up and down, and then the broken installation handle can be taken out from the screw hole.