How to prevent the locking of stainless steel screws


In the process of using screws, it is also common to ha […]

In the process of using screws, it is also common to have some problems. If there are problems in the process of using high, then we must find a solution immediately. Then, as mentioned in our title, the stainless steel screws are locked How to deal with the situation? Today, follow the editor of the screw factory
1. When you first select the stainless steel nut to be used with the stainless steel screw, you must choose the matching connector product.
2. The tensile strength of the stainless steel screws and the load of the supporting nuts must meet the mechanical properties of the objects used.
2. When using stainless steel screws, please pay attention to check whether the screw thread is complete, whether there are residues or stains, etc.
3. Lubrication treatment can be used for fasteners before use. It is recommended to use butter, molybdenum disulfide, mica, graphite or talc powder for lubrication. Currently, wax treatment is generally used for lubrication and anti-lock.
4. Do not operate the stainless steel screws too fast and do not use too much force.
5. The use of washers can effectively prevent the problem of over-tightening.