What are the titanium alloy screws and traditional screws?


But for laymen, I always thought that there is only one […]

But for laymen, I always thought that there is only one kind of screw. This kind of situation usually only happens when there is no contact, but as long as there is a common sense, there are many kinds of screws, we can according to different products. To use screws to ensure the best results in the product, then let's take a look at the difference between titanium screws and traditional screws.
   The difference between titanium alloy screws and traditional screws lies in the difference in material and performance. Titanium alloy screws are made of pure titanium and other metals. There are more than 70 kinds of titanium alloys, and their respective properties are different.
    For example, titanium alloy screws have the advantages of low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and good process performance. In addition, compared with traditional stainless steel screws, iron screws, and copper screws, titanium alloy screws have more obvious advantages in flexibility and oxidation resistance. In addition, the ordinary stainless steel screws in the high-pressure environment, compared with the titanium alloy screws, the titanium alloy screws have a stronger compression capacity, so the titanium metal screw fasteners will be selected in the space metal.
   Titanium alloy screws differ from conventional screws in that they differ in price. Titanium alloys are more expensive for other conventional screw materials, depending on the superior properties of titanium alloys. Many manufacturers or companies always need to consider three times when they choose to produce titanium alloy screw fasteners.
    I suggest that if the environment of the screw is not very harsh, other materials can achieve the same performance as the titanium alloy screw through other special treatments. It is recommended to choose other materials, which can save a lot of cost, but there are some special When using the environment, if you can't use other material screws instead, it is recommended to choose titanium alloy screws. In addition, due to the high price of titanium screws, most manufacturers do not have a large number of titanium alloy screws in stock, so customers who need titanium alloy screws generally need to customize production.