Learn about the production process of stainless steel screws


Every industry has its own assembly lines and rules for […]

Every industry has its own assembly lines and rules for each industry. In this society, I believe that every industry needs to communicate more and understand each other's production procedures so that social harmony can be promoted. Mutual understanding, mutual understanding of the responsibility of work, popularization of the knowledge interface of different industries, so that everyone's thinking is no longer limited to their own profession.
So now the special screw factory let everyone know about the whole process of screw production. Let everyone know that mechanical production is a very cautious process. The responsibility to bear is also very important, even a small screw. Can not be ignored, this is respect for life and responsibility for society.
The first is the Panyuan. According to the requirements of real life, the special screw factory should figure out the plate, specifications, materials and product names, as well as the weight and quantity. After that, you should buy some suitable wire rods. Pay attention to when buying, don't just choose cheap and inferior. For life, everyone still chooses high quality.
The second is annealing, which has the forging ability of adding screws, so that the post-processing will be more convenient.
The third is pickling. Although the link is relatively simple, it can be done on the surface of the screw, but this link will make the next link more convenient.
The fourth is to draw the line and take over the pickling section above.
Fifth, start, this link is to complete the shaping of the teeth.
Sixth, heat treatment is performed to change the mechanical properties of the screw.
Seventh, electroplating, in order to meet customer requirements and product aesthetics, this link is very important.