How to repair the screws?


Regardless of the product, maintenance is a must, becau […]

Regardless of the product, maintenance is a must, because only the maintenance, the state of the product can always be in the best state, so we are also very convenient when using. For the screw, many people think that it is not necessary to maintain it. After using it, it is free to put it in one place. When it is rusted when it comes to see it, let's take a look at how to maintain the screw. ?
1. When rinsing the screws, since this process is very important, the requirements are very careful and there will be residues left in the process. This step of rinsing is done after the silicate cleaner has been cleaned.
Second, the accumulation of screws in the tempering heating process should be realized, otherwise it will cause slight oxidation in the quenching oil.
Third, the appearance of the high-strength screw will show the residue of white phosphide, and clarify (the first point) that the inspection is not careful enough.
4. If it is found that the appearance of the parts is black, the chemical reaction is used, and it is clarified that the operation in the heat treatment is not done thoroughly, and the alkaline residue on the surface is not completely removed.
5. The standard parts of the parts will be rusted during rinsing, and the water used for rinsing should also be replaced frequently.
Sixth, the phenomenon of excessive rust is presented. It is stated that the quenching oil has been used for too long, and it is necessary to participate in new oil or replace it.