How to improve the machining market development?


The application of mechanical equipment, the number of […]

The application of mechanical equipment, the number of applications in our industry is still relatively large, mainly related to the development of the current industry, and wholesale manufacturers, or assembly line manufacturers, generally with mechanical equipment processing, good results, speed Fast, the focus is on efficiency, quality can also be guaranteed, which is very obvious now.
Due to the low level of general manufacturing in the domestic wind power industry, the core components of wind power generation can only be imported from a few countries such as Italy and France, which is not only expensive but also has a long delivery period. Last year, due to the short supply in the market, the national unit price of wind power bearings has nearly doubled, which has greatly reduced the profits of domestic wind turbine manufacturers, with an average of only 10%.
In order to break through the situation that China's wind power bearings are subject to people's situation, the CNC precision vertical universal grinding machine has been developed. This equipment not only provides the urgently needed high-precision equipment for wind power generation in China, but also solves the urgent need of critical parts for wind power generation. At the world level, it also provides a model for the machine tool industry to improve its innovation capabilities and adjust its product mix. Moreover, it provides guarantee for the localization of China's bearing industry, wind power industry and high-precision equipment urgently needed by military industry, national defense and aerospace, and has broad application prospects.
 The machine tool is a CNC machining machine with C axis. The precision of the workpiece is 2.5 microns. It has reached or exceeded the processing precision of similar products in the world, but the price is far lower than that of similar imported products. It can save a lot of foreign exchange for enterprises and countries. Invest. At the same time, the core components of the machine tool adopt the patented technology products of the company, which provides convenience for users to replace spare parts. The grinding machine is world-class in terms of manufacturing process and grinding accuracy. The machine tool is used in the bearing processing industry, and the bearing can be processed to the standard of P2 level. Breaking through the long-term dependence of the equipment on imports.