Suitable for nails used in insulation


Don't underestimate a small nail, the construction of a […]

Don't underestimate a small nail, the construction of a building, sometimes even use tens of thousands of small nails, and the types of nails required in different parts of the building are different. There is a kind of self tapping metal screws that can only be used in the insulation wall of a building, and there is no nail to replace it. This is the insulation nail. what is the reason? Let's take a closer look at the nails that are only used in the insulation wall.

Some nails are suitable for use in the construction process, while some nails are also used in the construction and decoration process because of their beautiful shape and characteristics. Insulation nails can be used in architectural decoration, because it is made of special materials, so it will produce unexpectedly good results in the decoration process. In terms of thermal insulation wall, because it can withstand sudden changes in temperature, it can also be corrosion-resistant, cold-resistant and heat-resistant. It is also convenient to install. It does not need other special installation tools, so this kind of nail is very popular in the market. . In fact, this kind of nail not only has these characteristics, but also has some other popular features.

As the name suggests, the thermal insulation of the insulating nail is better, so that it can withstand the effects of temperature changes in the natural environment, so that the life of the nail is generally longer. In addition, the nails are not deformed after being subjected to an increased load, and the load bearing capacity is relatively high, so they are widely used in the construction process. Different nails have different uses, and the same series of nails are not identical, and are again classified because of the length and shape of the nail head. This type of nail, which is only used in thermal insulation walls, also has different specifications, so it is more and more convenient to use such nails in engineering.