Anti-theft screw advantages and classification


The anti-theft screw, also known as tamper-proof, screw […]

The anti-theft screw, also known as tamper-proof, screw, is a fastener that is designed to prevent theft of a fixed facility that has been placed in an outdoor public environment for a long time.The four advantages of the anti-theft screw:

1. Maintain the interests of the merchants, and the merchants use the anti-theft screws on their products. For example, the anti-theft screws used in many of our products are mainly used to prevent the user from disassembling the self tapping screws product and to find out the reason in the maintenance of the product.

2. Anti-theft function, in many outdoor products will use anti-theft screws, because in the outdoor, there are many drawbacks in management, and the use of anti-theft screws will greatly reduce unnecessary losses. For example, anti-theft screws in outdoor guardrails are widely used.

3. Easy to use, can be installed with a special wrench, without the need for special and complicated tools, the manufacturer will be equipped with special tools to the customer, there is no need to worry about the installation.

4, the appearance is beautiful and generous.

Structure classification of anti-theft screws:

Generally, according to the structure and type, it can be divided into two types: detachable and non-removable. The former is divided into inner five-point anti-theft screw, inner plum anti-theft screw, Y-type anti-theft screw, outer triangular anti-theft screw, and inner triangular anti-theft screw. , two-point anti-theft screw, eccentric hole anti-theft screw, multi-tooth shape and other structures.