Purchase and selection of drywall nails


Modern home DIY has become a trend, many homeowners are […]

Modern home DIY has become a trend, many homeowners are doing their own hands to change the floor, brush the wall, and for the purchase of some drywall screws materials, everyone also has their own experience and views, such as the purchase of floor nails, We need to pay attention to several aspects of the problem, let us take a look at it. Dry wall nail

The first is the material problem, there are many kinds of flooring, then there are many kinds of nails: there are wood, metal, plastic, etc., and these nails have their own suitable floor materials, so pre-selection Only by setting your own floor can you find the most suitable and most suitable nail.

Secondly, we must look at the size of the nail. This is also from the perspective of the floor. It depends on the size of the floor to determine how much floor nails you need. In this respect, you can also look at some corresponding comparison tables. Look at the size of the floor you are using and how big the nails should be.

In the choice of nails, there is generally no branding. In fact, brands are basically expensive, but it is not that everyone can buy them casually. If you buy a bad quality nail, then you have trouble.So, everyone must inquire about good word of mouth, see how the actual use of people, and then decide whether to buy.

Finally, when buying the floor nails, everyone should pay attention to the number of questions. In terms of the quantity purchased, whether it is for the sake of rounding or special addition, it must be more than 5% to 10% of the actual use. In this way, if there is any loss in the use process, it can make up for it.