The main reason for the widespread use of drywall nails


Among the many nail classifications, drywall screws hav […]

Among the many nail classifications, drywall screws have always been the status of the bulls. The rest of the nails are difficult to compete with it in terms of market share. Why does Tianjin drywall nails have such a strong advantage? Compared with other nails, what are the benefits? Let us take a look at it. Dry wall nail

First, drywall nails are widely used and can be used on almost all materials. Unlike nails such as pushpins and tacks, there are obvious restrictions on use, which can bring more effective use to everyone in this respect. The dry wall nails, so the number of its use will naturally increase accordingly.

Secondly, the styles of Tianjin drywall nails are diversified. In order to achieve their own use, the general nails are basically a few different sizes, but the drywall nails are different, the thread is dense, the thickness of the nail head and The length of the nail and so on, the changes in various situations will bring different styles.

Third, the nailing effect of the drywall nails is good. Many nails may look good, but after being nailed to the wall, they loosen down after a while. For example, the general straight nails are compared with the drywall nails. There is no dry wall nail to get firm, and having a very good peg effect is also a major cause of the popularity of drywall nails.

With such a strong advantage in all aspects, Tianjin drywall nails have become a favorite kind of nail products, which is very normal. You can find more practical effects in the use of this nail. , to have a better use of the environment, get better use, have a better use of the scope