How to choose hardware screws


Although the drywall screws is small and has a huge eff […]

Although the drywall screws is small and has a huge effect, in the product design process, the connection and the selection of the fasteners will be considered at the end, but when the selection of the hardware screws in the product is in the final key product, it is particularly important to select the hardware screw. Everyone knows that only through the hardware screws can the various parts and parts be better fastened. It is very important to choose the appropriate specifications, precision and grade of screw screws. This is related to the finished product performance, beauty, quality, etc. The following Yantai standard parts company teaches you to choose hardware screws.

There are many types of hardware screws and different characteristics. To choose the right screws, we must first understand the production and quality of domestic fasteners, such as the variety of fasteners, specifications and special uses of various products, as well as the ministry and country. Excellent products, brand-name new products of the backbone enterprises or new, excellent, special products. These products should be preferred, and the name, excellent new and special fastener products should be preferred.

There are 12 categories in a wide variety of categories, which should be selected according to the characteristics of fasteners. Although the fasteners are small, more than 400 varieties, only bolts and screws have 32 categories and nearly 100 varieties. There are also 10 types of end types of the rods.

Head size, pan head, head slot, etc., easy to apply tools, mostly used for low-strength, low-torque torque products, generally used in small-sized mainframe products such as household appliances.In this type of product, there is also a platform, a hole, a boss, a flanged surface, and a hexagonal head. This type does not have high mechanical properties, it is easy to tighten the wrench, it can apply a large tightening torque, and the application is wider. The bearing surface has a convex or flange surface, and has a gasket function to increase the pressure bearing surface.

Good anti-loosening properties, can be used for the connection of steel structural parts and important host structures.The head area is large and square. It is convenient for the wrench to be tightened and rotated, and can apply a large tightening torque, which is not easy to be bald. It is mostly used for relatively thick and frequently disassembled structures, but it is not suitable for moving parts.