The failure of the screw and how to prevent it


The products produced by the screw manufacturers are wi […]

The products produced by the screw manufacturers are widely used in the automatic counting and packaging of the auxiliary mounting screws of the electrical, electrical, lighting, hardware and building materials manufacturing industries. The screw manufacturers let you know the failure hazard of the screws and how to prevent them. So how does it make the screw fail?

Generally, carbon steel and alloy steel bolts fail when there is obvious corrosion product on the surface and thinning, and some special screws will have almost no change on the surface. Loss of strength, corrosion, and serious damage to the structure or equipment. Screw manufacturers teach you how to prevent, how to do the corresponding measures.

1.Select qualified screws, it is better to shop better than three, and avoid the formation of gaps in the structural design to avoid the geometric conditions that easily cause surface deposition;

2.It is best to understand the screw manufacturers from the side of the peers or customers, if the praise is a lot, then its products and services are also good;

3.The appearance of the screw before the purchase needs to be inspected, can be inspected from the appearance, plating layer and other aspects to prevent the occurrence of failure.