The importance of furniture screw raw materials


For furniture screw manufacturers, steel is the raw mat […]

For furniture screw manufacturers, steel is the raw material for production, and the use of these materials to make furniture screws is equivalent to 100% inspection of the material. Users of certain specific occasions now require Carbon steel screw manufacturers to provide "zero defect" products.

Therefore, in addition to the strict implementation of the quality control of each process in the production process, the manufacturer conducts a careful and scientific inspection of various quality indicators before leaving the factory. The quality of the selected raw materials plays a decisive role in the final quality of the finished furniture screws.

Many performance quality indicators for furniture screws are provided by the parent metal. It is a very large number of furniture screws that are generally required. Due to the application of advanced technology, such as high-speed cold heading, automatic continuous heat treatment production line.

The hardness of the raw materials used for cold rolling, the mass fraction of chemical components, and the raw materials. The uniformity of the performance of the bars has higher requirements.The recovery of the steel industry has driven Chinese steel companies to turn losses into profits.