How to accurately express the specifications and models of purchased screws


How to accurately express the specifications and models […]

How to accurately express the specifications and models of the purchased screws? Many companies do not know the actual specifications and sizes of the screws they use when they use screws. Many purchasers don't understand much. The company asked him to buy screws, and they didn't know how to accurately describe the size of the screws. As a result, I was unprofessional because of too many screw products. How to talk to the screw supplier about the specific screws. Aiming at the problems existing in the purchase of screws by enterprises. Let me make a brief explanation:
If the type and specifications of the screws you buy are not many, you can bring samples or mail them to the manufacturer for the most convenient way. When you make a screw, you can see that your real object is usually a standard screw, and they will see it clearly. Will confirm the specific screw specifications with you.
If there is no specific product style, let the factory's technology provide you with a purchase list of screws. Specific standard specifications, models and purchase quantities. If there are many varieties of product specifications, make a list. Then just provide it to the supplier.


It is more convenient to buy screws if there are samples. If you are a purchaser, you must first confirm the material and surface color of your screws. For example, the screws and bolts in the factory are black, and there are galvanized, nickel, chrome, hot-dip galvanized, Dacromet and so on. Then there are specifications and dimensions. Generally speaking, Chinese screws use national standards and are generally metric. There are also American and British screws, but not many. You can use a caliper to measure the diameter of the screw. For example, if the diameter of the screw is 7.9mm, it is the diameter of the M8. The length you measure from the bottom of the hexagonal surface is 25mm, the size of the bolt is 8*25. Generally, bolts are measured from the root of the head, such as a set screw, which measures the full length.
If you can't confirm the screw specifications, you can find a similar nut to tighten and try it. If you can't use it, make sure it is inch or American screw. The tooth diameter can be determined by measuring the price of the tooth.