The wide array of screw is available in the market to meet the requirement of the industry


Explore The Facts About Screw Fasteners The screw faste […]

Explore The Facts About Screw Fasteners
The screw fasteners are the most prominent part of the hardware family. These are employed in a wide array of applications in order to fix things. These are employed for the purpose of holding items so that these should properly get fixed. These are used in various industries for varied industrial purposes. Some of the industries in which these are used tremendously are construction, machinery, production, automobile, aircraft, furniture & many more.

Screws are basically the male part of the hardware family. They contain the ridges or the spherical tracks on their outer surface. These tracks help in making the surface uneven. With the help of these tracks, support is provided which helps in fixing the object. The tail of this is pointed. This structure helps into inserting in to the object. The insertion is provided with the help of the screw driver. These are pierced into the hole in order to fix the structure.

Working Principle

The tail portion of the screw is pointed in structure. And outer surface is covered with the tracks or paths. This is being done in order to make the outer surface uneven. With the uneven surface, the slipping is avoided. When these are used against the object, the frictional forces come into existence. These forces counter the forces of vibration, rotation, movement, etc. Thus, these elements hold the structure tightly, avoiding any movement.

The wide array of screw is available in the market to meet the requirement of the industry. As these are employed in various industries, so these are offered in different sizes, material & shapes. Some of the manufacturing units need these in long configuration while some need these very small or medium sizes. So, these are available in the market in various specifications.

The manufacturers of screws are employing state of the art machinery in order to develop these in varied technical specifications. Some of the most popular categories are stainless steel, MS, Self-Tapping, machine, socket set, sheet metal, self-drilling & many more. These are used in various industrial applications.

The most widely used are the stainless steel screws. These are developed from the stainless steel alloy which contain about 11 % of chromium metal. The main attribute of using this is that it offers high strength against the tough working conditions. These don't slip away, thus, hold the things tightly. Apart from this, manufacturers also apply PVC or rust resistant coating in order to protect them from the action of rusting. When the metals come in the contact of water, then the process of corrosion or rust starts. This reduces their life span. So, rust resistant coating is provided in order to avoid this chemical process.