Drywall Screws Making Construction More Effective


Dry walls are made from plasterboard with Gypsum plaste […]

Dry walls are made from plasterboard with Gypsum plaster pressed between two layers of thick paper, which are usually impregnated with Gypsum crystals to make the plaster stick to it. The first plasterboard type of product was called the Sackett board and was designed by Augustine Sackett and Fred Kane in 1894 and it was based on the old "wattle and daub" system.

This drywall system has spawned a complete range of different fixings and fasteners to make the construction techniques simpler and more effective. The plasterboard is often fitted to a wood frame and the board is held in position by a number of screws, which virtually self-tap themselves through the plasterboard and finish level with the surface. This makes a nicer finish than the old plasterboard nail system, which is still in operation in many places.

Where a metal frame is used to hang the boards from, the dry walling system changes to a more individually designed system. The frame and board can be drilled with slightly smaller holes and then self-tapping screws can be used to fasten the board in place. The threads of the screws are curved to give the self-tapping effect. If narrow gauge steel is used then the screws can be screwed straight into the steel channel. For a 0.9mm metal channel they have a sharp point to ease the ability to penetrate the steel and are made from C 10 - 18 steel, and are surface hardened to prevent shearing under load. The operation is easier and more effective with power screwdrivers and it is essential the screws are driven in straight. Cosmetically they are usually finished in black phosphate.

There are also a range of Zinc plated self drill screws suitable for steel thickness up to 1 to 2mm thick. These are usually pan headed and hardened to around 650 HV to prevent shearing under load. These fasteners are shaped like a screw with the bottom end being designed like a drill. The effect is that the fastener drills their own hole as they are driven into position. The whole operation is very quick and effective.

The major concern is that because there is a definite need for a quality product the basic necessity is to choose a good fastener supplier who has the ability and quality control necessary to track the base material and procedures under which the screws are made. This is one case where cheap and cheerful can end up very expensive and the job will not be up to standard. The possibility that screws shear in the process of installation is not acceptable. Jiaxing MAXEA Hardware Manufacturer Co., Ltd is famous China Drywall screws Manufacturers and self tapping screws Suppliers,visit our website: https://www.drywallscrew.net/