Matters needing attention in electroplating of precision electronic screws


Precision electronic screws generally need to be electr […]

Precision electronic screws generally need to be electroplated. We know that these electronic screws are very small. It's hard to plate! If the number is small, the electroplating factory may also mix precision screws with different specifications for electroplating, which makes it impossible to plate in some places. It is easy to cause product scrapping. We must clean the precision electronic screws before electroplating, and cooperate with the excellent electroplating factory to plate the precision electronic screws perfectly.
The following points tell you that the small electronic screws should not be matched with the rigidity during plating to affect the quality of the screw products. The following points are eliminated, and the quality of the screws is guaranteed.

First, it is difficult to meet the quality requirements of various screw plating aspects under conventional plating process conditions.

Second, the specifications of the hardware screws are too close, and the size and length seem to be almost the same. Large and external hex bolts have to be plated separately. Otherwise, when the electroplating is good, it is not easy to divide and screening is not good.

Third, heavier screws and lighter screws, smaller screws and larger screws have to be plated separately. Otherwise, the two may be encountered during the plating process, resulting in damage to the screws.

Fourth, screws that are easily stuck together should be plated separately. Otherwise, two screws of different specifications and models will be stuck together and form a mass when electroplating. It is easy to cause electroplating. Even after plating, it is difficult for us to separate these two types of screws.