How to distinguish the quality of hardware screws


Metal screws are a high-quality product in the hardware […]

Metal screws are a high-quality product in the hardware accessories industry. This type of product on the market is very popular. It is precisely because of its popularity that it is a mixture of fish and dragons. How can we ensure the quality of the tender?

1. The quality of Carbon steel screw is of course due to the good and poor quality of the screws. The screws made by the good screws are beautiful. There will not be some screw heads, screw thread is not good.

2. The quality of hardware screws also depends on the technical level of those who produce screw products, those masters. The screws produced by the heading masters and masters who have high production technology must meet all standards and have a more beautiful appearance.



3. The quality of the screws is more dependent on the quality and technical requirements of the screws. Whether it meets the national standard. For example, whether the size of the head of the screw is produced according to national standards, and whether it is done according to customer requirements. For example, whether the tolerance range of the screw meets the requirements, etc.

4. The quality of the hardware screws also depends on the surface treatment process of the screws. For example, the products of the appearance parts usually use the process of electrophoresis or baking paint. The appearance is very good. If it is an outdoor product or the like, Dacromet or The process of zinc-nickel alloy, this surface treatment salt spray time is very long, up to more than 1000 hours of salt spray test.