Introduction of single-line coarse-tooth drywall screws


The single-line coarse-toothed drywall screw has a wide […]

The single-line coarse-toothed drywall screw has a wider thread and a faster attack speed. At the same time, it does not damage the structure of the wooden material itself after being hit into the wood, so it is more suitable for the installation of the wooden keel than the double-line fine-toothed drywall screw.
In foreign countries, the general construction is very focused on selecting the appropriate fastener products. The single-line coarse-toothed drywall screws are more suitable for the connection of wooden keels as an alternative to the double-line fine-toothed drywall screws. In the domestic market, the use of double-line fine-toothed drywall screws has been used for a long time, and the change of usage habits takes a certain amount of time.