Self-tapping screw basic knowledge introduction


Self-tapping screws generally mean that the thread is s […]

Self-tapping screws generally mean that the thread is self-tapping, which makes it self-tapping and does not need to be used with a nut. There are many types of screw heads, including the outer hexagon head, the pan head, the countersunk head, and the inner hexagon head. Umbrella head, with cushion head and so on. The tail is generally pointed. Make self-attack.
Self-tapping screws are used for non-metallic or soft metal, without the need for low holes and tapping; self-tapping screws are pointed, so that they can be "self-tapping"; ordinary screws are flat, and the thickness is the same. Self-tapping screws are Said: the hole of the drill is a hole that does not need tapping. The screws used are different from the general ones. The head is pointed and the tooth distance is relatively large. It is similar to the chipless tapping. It can be directly screwed in without tapping. Metal and plastic. This method is usually used.
It can "tapping-drilling, squeezing, pressing" the corresponding threads on the consolidated material by its own thread to make it fit closely to each other.
 Self-tapping screws are also called self-tapping screws. The name is different, but the meaning is the same. It is all about self-attack. The main function of the self-tapping screws is that they do not need to be used with the nuts. In terms of cost, a large number of them are saved. There is no need to cost the nut.

There are many self-tapping screws commonly used, such as cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws, countersunk head tapping screws, self-tapping screws with pad, self-tapping screws for umbrella heads, self-tapping screws for cutting tails, and the last self-tapping screws. The manager wrote a self-locking screw with a triangular tooth. Triangular self-locking screws are widely used in the market. Customers also use a lot. Interested friends can look at the definition of self-locking screws, the definition and basics of triangular self-locking screws. It is convenient for everyone to understand and learn.