How to deal with the oil stain on the surface of the combination screw


We removed the two screws from the underside of the mac […]

We removed the two screws from the underside of the machine and found that there are many times that the screws are covered with oil, because the equipment needs to be lubricated during use. After adding the lubricant, the equipment can be smoother Work, of course, can also protect the components well, which can prevent wear between the components, but there is a lot of oil on the screws, then it will definitely have an impact when used, then let ’s take a look at how to deal with What about the oil on the combination screws?
1. Alkaline cleaning agent
Alkaline cleaning agent is made by mixing builder and alkaline earth metal salt of surfactant. It is the most widely used cleaning agent. The starting point for adding each salt and surfactant is to ensure the cleaning effect first, followed by economic efficiency. Plead that the PH value of the cleaning agent is at 7.
2. Acid cleaning agent
It is not a useful method to eradicate the usual dirt on precision screws. Alkaline cleaners are usually used. Acid cleaning is very useful for special attachments such as scales. The most famous skill is pickling. In addition to the oxide scale of rolling, welding and heat treatment, surface oxides, rust and corrosion products that affect the quality of electroplating or oil seals, and water deposits can be removed with acid.
3. Soluble emulsifying cleaning agent
Soluble emulsifiers are usually rich in soil, solvents, emulsifiers, builders, corrosion inhibitors and a small amount of water. The effect of water is to dissolve the emulsifier. This cleaning agent can dissolve the dirt on the surface of the precision screw, and it can also leave an anti-rust film on the surface.
4. Composition cleaning agent
The composition cleaning agent is different from the standard alkaline cleaning agent, the difference is that the chemical composition is also an alkaline cleaning agent. Standard alkaline cleaning agents are essentially inorganic, while constitutive agents are organic agents containing amine-based substances.
5. Detergent
Decontamination cleaning agents are mainly rich in solvents, surfactants and water. Unlike emulsifying cleaners, it is a pure solution, not an emulsion.