What to pay attention to when self-tapping screws are electroplated


Self-tapping screws can be used in trains, ships, space […]

Self-tapping screws can be used in trains, ships, space shuttles, trams, automobiles, construction, bridges and other industries. Most of them are used in industry. They are an indispensable industrial necessity in daily life.
A self-tapping screw is a tool that uses the physics and mathematics principles of the oblique circular rotation of the object and the friction force to gradually tighten the objects and parts. Self-tapping screws are usually described by three parameters: screw diameter series, number of threads per inch length, and screw length.
The holes drilled by self-tapping screws are holes that do not need to be tapped. The screws used are different from the general ones. The shape is pointed and the pitch is relatively large. It can be directly screwed in without tapping. This method is usually used for metals and plastics. .
Self-tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixing of some thinner plates. They have strong corrosion resistance. What are the points that need to be paid attention to when self-tapping screws are electroplated?
1. The self-tapping screw manufacturer tells you that it is difficult to meet the quality requirements of various aspects of the electroplating of different screws under the conventional electroplating process conditions, so you need to buy professional tools for operation;
2. In order to electroplate the self-tapping screws well, it is necessary to separate the large hardware screws and the drill tail wires for electroplating;
3. In order to prevent the damage of self-tapping screws, the smaller screws and the larger screws need to be electroplated separately to avoid touching them.
The screws produced by self-tapping screw manufacturers are good or bad. When you need to choose and buy, you should pay attention to the relevant details when choosing to buy a satisfactory product.


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