What is the role of drywall screws?


The main purpose of the production of drywall nails (sc […]

The main purpose of the production of drywall nails (screws) is to make the industrial products into one piece. In the process of use, the teeth and the teeth can not be tightly sealed, the screws are too hard to be broken, or the teeth are not tightly locked. These are the core issues of drywall nails when they fail to meet the requirements. Screws (dry wall nails) are "quantity products". They are not hand-made art pieces. In mass production, they are supplied to consumers with high-precision and stable quality and popular price. Screws (drywall nails) are usually 6g grade (2 grade, American specification "IFI" is 2A teeth), and the rough screw for construction engineering is 8g grade (3 grade, "IFI" is 1A tooth).
The role of drywall nails is very important. There are examples of collapse of houses due to poor quality of drywall nails; there are also many examples of serious accidents caused by poor quality of drywall nails. Drywall nails, also known as wallboard nails, are used to install a variety of gypsum boards, ceiling ceilings, lightweight partitions, and light steel keels. The biggest feature of the appearance is the shape of the horn. The drywall nails are subjected to a series of technological processes to form the final drywall nails. The drywall nail process is annealed, drawn, fluted, twisted, heat treated, and each process. They are strictly controlled, and only qualified will be shipped to the customer's hands. There is also the weight of the dry wall nails, and the weight of a box of Lumei's drywall nails is as high as 2.7.