What is the development trend of the screw factory in the next few decades?


Developed countries such as Europe and the United State […]

Developed countries such as Europe and the United States will continue to import most screws and other commodities from China. However, manufacturers in these countries will focus on some common products and make good use of the advantage of rising logistics costs to better serve their domestic customers. In the past two years, the development of the American screw industry has been quite rugged, but looking forward, screw manufacturers will certainly recover to the previous level of development. Perhaps we will face some challenges that include economic and political micro-elements, but at the same time, screw companies will also have a lot of room for development, and the prospects are still very impressive.
  1. Small scale: With its flexible operating methods, precision screw companies have quickly adapted to the ever-changing market demands and have developed rapidly.
      2. Large quantity: At present, there are many precision screw productions in family workshops or mom-and-pop shops and small processing stalls. There are more than 2,200 enterprises. This is an unparalleled number in any region, forming a huge industrial cluster.
      3. Low cost: Many precision screw processing factories are private enterprises, and the owner is both the factory manager, the technician and the salesman. In terms of management mechanism and cost accounting, enterprises in the coastal areas are incomparable.
  Although China's fastener industry is developing rapidly, because small precision screw companies mostly use manual operations, product quality is often not as high as the world's needs. It can also be seen from other countries' ongoing anti-dumping on fastener products in China. The product quality of precision screws and other fasteners plays an important role in the survival and development of the enterprise and the safety of the production and life of the world, and must not be ignored. Modern operation and management, the application of core technology to production is the best way for the development of China's fastener industry. With the rapid transformation of the economic development mode of the fastener industry, enterprises have to consider strict quality control, improve scientific and technological content, and change the original extensive product production model. There are no backward industries, only backward technologies. For China's precision screw production enterprises, it is even more urgent to continue to promote the development of the enterprise through standardization. It is customary to measure our own development by standards. In this way, we will definitely feel the incomparable benefits of standards in the near future. This is the ultimate goal of our learning to use standards.