What is the application of Dacromet screws


Application range of Dacromet technology Dacromet has a […]

Application range of Dacromet technology Dacromet has a wide range of applications. It can not only process steel, iron, alloys, but also sintered metals and special surface treatments. It involves many industries and industries

(1) Automobiles and motorcycles Because this product is a high-speed running vehicle, its parts require good stability, heat resistance, moisture resistance and high corrosion resistance.

(2) High-end products such as electrical and electronic household appliances, electronic products, communication equipment and other high-end products require high quality of parts, components, and accessories. In the past, electro-galvanization was used and now the Dacromet process technology is used, and the quality and life expectancy have been improved. Market competitiveness has increased.

(3) The metal parts of subway tunnels, railways and electrified railways. Subways and tunnels are all underground, and the environment is humid and the ventilation is poor. Tracks, bolts and metal parts are easily rusted, so Dacromet coated products are used. , Catenary parts for electrified railways have been widely used abroad.

(4) Bridge viaduct and metal parts of expressway. A bridge, an elevated bridge, and an expressway are all permanent buildings. The quality is the first for a century. Expressway Wave guardrails, viaducts, metal components of bridges, fasteners, etc. As a result of being exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, rust will quickly occur. If the key structural parts and fasteners are coated with Dacromet technology, they are not only safe and reliable, but also beautiful and durable.

(5) The metal and structural parts of transmission and distribution power supply, high-voltage power transmission and distribution, urban power supply, line towers, metal parts of electric poles, transformer casings, high-voltage switch connection systems, etc., if all are coated with Dacromet, although The investment is a bit larger at a time, but it is beautiful and durable, once and for all, saving a lot of long-term maintenance costs.

(6) Hardware tools The market consumption of small hardware and small tools is quite large, but in the past, most of them were treated with electroplating technology, which rusted in one or two years, affecting the appearance and quality. If treated with Dacromet's process technology, it is not only beautiful and durable, but also does not rust, and the cost will not increase much.

(7) Agricultural factory greenhouse roof truss structure

(8) Other applications It is the best process for the anticorrosion treatment of metal parts such as solar water heaters, satellite antennas, coal gas and liquefied gas. In addition to the several industries mentioned above, Dacromet coating technology can be developed and utilized in municipal engineering, docks, shipbuilding and ship repairing, construction and decoration, aerospace, marine engineering, geological drilling, petrochemical, gas engineering, etc.

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