What are the factors to pay attention to when purchasing drywall nails


For the purchase and selection of drywall nails, it is […]

For the purchase and selection of drywall nails, it is basically not difficult for everyone, but it is not an easy task to buy it. The drywall screws are small, but if you don’t buy them, it will be for everyone. It is a very troublesome thing. When buying nails, we should pay attention to these points:

Brand: There are many brands of nails, but there are not many famous ones. If you want the best quality, then you should choose the best dry wall nail brand. Whether the brand is domestic or foreign, you must have at least good quality. The word of mouth, as well as a wealth of drywall nail products, can meet everyone's needs for such nails.

Specifications: Drywall nails are not a single product, but have many different sizes and specifications. From size, thickness, length to thread density, etc., it will bring different use to everyone.The effect, so pay attention to the purchase of good specifications is also very important, the right size can bring the best results.

Material: The quality of drywall nails is good. The most important thing is of course depends on its materials. In fact, this can be said to be the biggest price difference between nail products, such as nails and use made of pig iron. The cost between the wrought iron refined nails is a different place.

Coating: Coating is not the same for every drywall nail, but it is also important for everyone. The coating here can bring more nail quality protection to everyone. It can be treated to prevent the thread from being worn, so that the nailing effect of the nail can be improved