Solve the problem of loosening the self-tapping screws


The real cause of self tapping screws damage is loosene […]

The real cause of self tapping screws damage is looseness:

After the self-tapping screws are loosened, huge kinetic energy is generated. This huge kinetic energy directly acts on the self-tapping screws and equipment, causing damage. After the self-tapping screws are damaged, the equipment cannot work under normal conditions, further causing equipment damage.

Self-tapping screws that are subjected to axial forces, the threads are broken and the bolts are broken. Self-tapping screws subjected to radial force, the bolts are cut and the bolt holes are made elliptical.

The most important solution is to use a self-tapping screw with excellent anti-loose effect to solve the problem.Take a hydraulic hammer as an example. The weight of the GT80 hydraulic hammer is 1.663 tons, and the side panel self-tapping screws are 7 sets of 10.9 grade M42 bolts.

The tensile strength of each screw is 110 tons. The pre-tightening force is calculated by half of the tensile force, and the pre-tightening force is up to three. Four hundred tons. But the bolts will break, and now I am going to change the M48 self-tapping screws. The root cause is that the self-tapping screws can't be solved.