How can the butterfly nut with washer improve the yield?


How can the butterfly nut with washer improve the yield […]

How can the butterfly nut with washer improve the yield?
There is a flange butterfly nut with a gasket. There are three ways to produce and process it:
1. Cold heading and forming, the product is integrated.
2. The way of riveting processing, the product is made of two parts, processed by riveting.
3. Processed by welding.

The three processing methods have their own advantages. The first processing method has a very high order quantity and the mold cost is also expensive, but the product cost is relatively low and the unit price is also cheap.
In the second processing method, there will also be a mold fee. Because of the riveting process, the product price is also expensive, and there are certain requirements for the order quantity.
The third processing method is relatively simple, without the need for molds, and there will be no mold costs.
Welded butterfly nuts are prone to damage to the tooth pattern of the nut during production and processing, the screw cannot be twisted, or there is a tilt between the gasket and the nut.
To prevent this from happening, it is generally necessary to perform a tapping process again after welding is completed.
And the welding method must be correct, the fixture must be accurate, otherwise the rate of defective products will be very high!

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