How are non-standard screws produced?


Many people know that non-standard screws are personali […]

Many people know that non-standard screws are personalized and non-standard screw fasteners. How many people know how non-standard screws are produced? Non-standard screws are expensive and cheap, and there are simple and complicated non-standard screws. Their production processes are different and they also determine their prices are different. For example, the following non-standard screws, which are produced by a single-mode machine, what is a single-mode machine? This means that it only needs a mold to produce this screw. We see that this screw is relatively simple, and it is almost the same as ordinary screws.
Although this non-standard screw looks like the shape of the standard screw, it is also called a non-standard screw because it is different from the standard one. It is very simple, so it only needs one mold. The machine can be produced. And below this more complicated screw, we can see that there are two parts in the head shape, then a mold can not meet its production, which requires a variety of molds to cooperate with each other, production technology requirements are high, and need a variety of Mold, so the price of this screw is higher than the above screw.
This screw is manufactured by a clamping process. What is the mold clamping process? It is produced by combining two molds with a mold clamping machine. Unlike the multi-mode process, multi-mode refers to several molds, and the mold clamping process is actually a mold, but because The manufacturing process divides a mold into two mold halves. We generally call it a mold clamping.
The screw production process also explains the difficulty of screw production. It requires the screw produced by the mold clamping machine, which is more complicated and the price is much higher than the other two kinds of process screws.