Hexagon bolts are screw fasteners with hexagon heads


Hexagon bolts are screw fasteners with hexagon heads. H […]

Hexagon bolts are screw fasteners with hexagon heads. Hexagon bolts are divided into internal and external. Hex bolts are usually used to fix certain mechanical equipment, so the specifications of hexagon bolts cannot be set arbitrarily, and certain standards must be set.

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Hexagon bolt function:

High-strength hexagon bolts are a more widely used bolt. Grade A and Grade B high-strength hexagon bolts are used in places that require important assembly accuracy and are subject to greater impact, vibration or load. Class C high-strength hexagon bolts are used in places where the appearance is rough and the assembly accuracy is not high.

The threads of high-strength hexagon bolts are usually coarse threads. Fine thread ordinary thread bolts have better self-locking performance. They are mainly used for thin-walled parts or places subject to shock, vibration or alternating loads. Usually, bolts are made of partial threads. Full-threaded bolts are mainly used where longer threads are required. Hole bolts are used where bolts need to be locked. High-strength hexagon bolts with hinged holes can withstand compression and shear caused by lateral forces, and can accurately fix the mutual position of the connected parts.
Hexagon bolt is a kind of fastener. It consists of a head and a screw (cylinder with external thread) that cooperates with a nut to fasten and connect two parts through a through hole. This connection method is called bolt connection. If you unscrew the nut from the bolt, you can separate the two parts. Therefore, the bolt connection is a detachable connection. Hexagon bolts are usually used in machinery and have the advantages of easy tightening, disassembly and non-slip.

How to use hexagon socket bolts:

Hexagonal wrenches usually rotate 90 degrees, with one end long and the other short. When using the short end as a screw, holding the long end can save a lot of force and tighten the screw better. There is a circular opening (similar to the hexagonal cylinder of a ball) on the long side of the friendship head. The circular opening can be easily inserted into the screw hole for quick and easy removal.