Getting To Know Wood Screws


Before wood screws were born, carpenters and wood worke […]

Before wood screws were born, carpenters and wood workers use glue, wooden peg, and nails to secure wooden panels. A glue can keep the panels together but is not as sturdy as the wooden peg or nails. A wooden peg act like nails except for the fact that before you can use a wooden peg you will have to carve a hole for it. The nails on the other hand are almost perfect. The nails can keep wood panels together without worrying about the panels inadvertently separating or without going through the drilling process. However, pounding the nails through the wood can cause cracks on the surface.

Cracks on the wood panels can mar its beauty. To prevent this from happening, woodworkers now use wood screws to secure wood panels. These screws are known for is extraordinary ability to grab and keep wood panels in place.

There may be a lot of screws available but only a few of these screws are considered as wood screws. If you have no idea what these screws are, here are some basic information:

There are two types of screw heads commonly found among screws made for wood and these are the slotted or flathead and the Phillips or cross-head. At present, a square-head and square head Phillips are also available.

Wood screws also have different head shapes. Round head screws have protruding tops with flat bottoms. Flat head screws are perfect for installing hinges and can be sunk deep into the wood. Oval head screws are actually a combination of the round head screws and flat head screws.

Diameter and length will also vary from one screw to another. Thicker screws do not necessarily mean longer and longer screws do not necessarily mean thicker screws.
Wood screws are typically made from hardened steel. However, a combination of brass and stainless steel are also used. To prevent corrosion, some manufacturers coat their screws. Nonetheless, it is pertinent that you remember that some of these special coatings can affect the wood.

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