Fasteners of stainless steel magnetic analysis


In making the selection of fasteners, stainless steel m […]

In making the selection of fasteners, stainless steel materials have magnetic doesn't mean its quality level of chromium and stainless steel is actually not magnetic stainless steel. Chromium and stainless steel and stainless steel fasteners cannot replace the use of 300 series stainless steel, especially in high corrosion environments.

Regardless of all aspects of the manufacture, use or handling, fasteners, use stainless steel as the material is advantageous, of course the cost of stainless steel as the material itself higher, cycle life is relatively short, but in fastening solutions, but still is a kind of save.
Stainless steel magnetic fastener problem

Fastener if you use stainless steel as a main material, you also learn about stainless steel magnetic problem. Stainless steel is generally considered to have magnetic, but after the series of austenitic materials undergo a certain process, is likely to be some magnetic, but if think that magnetic is judge the quality of stainless steel fastener standard is not accurate.