Can stainless steel screws be made black?


In order to better prevent stainless steel screws and n […]

In order to better prevent stainless steel screws and nuts from rusting under certain circumstances, or for the beauty of the product shape, stainless steel screws are required to have a black effect. In response to this requirement, two low-cost approaches are introduced below.

The first type is blackening. Because it is a stainless steel screw, it has low carbon content and strong corrosion resistance, so blackening is more difficult than ordinary iron screws, and secondary blackening can be used. The reliability of the blackened coating is very good, and the indoor environment can be stored for more than ten years. The disadvantage is that the color of blackening treatment is often different from pure black, and it may be dark yellow if it is not handled well.

The second type is black zinc plating. This method is low cost, easy to handle, easy to control the color, and the process is mature. However, the physical properties of the coating are not good. If there is no external friction and collision, it can be kept indoors for more than two years. If there is physical contact, it is easy to be worn. If it is not a part that is often disassembled and assembled, just be careful not to scrape the galvanized layer by the screwdriver when installing.


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