Aspects to be considered in the selection and purchase of stainless steel screw


Stainless steel screw refers to steel-made screw with c […]

Stainless steel screw refers to steel-made screw with corrosion resistance to air, water, acid, alkali or other media. If you want to buy the stainless steel screw you need, you need to consider factors.

1. Is the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of the selected stainless steel screw good?

2. Whether the properties are high or not and whether heat treatment can be strengthened;

3. Requirements for material processing performance in production process;

4. How about the specification and material standard of stainless steel screw?

Stainless steel screw is mainly used for environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, power facilities, electronic products, instruments, food machinery, petrochemical industry, ship assembly, pump and valve pipelines, building curtain wall, open-air occasions, sports facilities, outdoor decoration, etc.